Management Committee (MC)

The Action is coordinated by the Management Committee (MC). Members are researchers who are nominated by the COST National Coordinator (CNC). The MC is responsible for strategic planning, supervision of ongoing work, dissemination activities, contacting external interested parties, setting up the work schedule and logistics for events and schools. The MC decides on and evaluate the specific activities of the WGs, STSMs, Workshops and Training Schools.

The MC Chair Frank Boochs is responsible for coordinating and implementing the Action. The MC Vice Chair Anna Bentkowska-Kafel assists in these activities as necessary, and substitutes for the Chair whenever required.

In collaboration with the SC (Steering Committee - consisting of the Action Chair and Vice Chair, the leaders of the five Working Groups and the STSM and Training School coordinator) it will be responsible for monitoring the achievement of the organisational and scientific milestones.

List of MC-Members:

COST Office Science Officer in charge of this Action:

Dr. Giuseppe Lugano
COST Office
Avenue Louise 149
1050 Brussels
Tel. 0032 (0) 2 533 38 22
Fax 0032 (0) 2 533 38 90

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a pan-European intergovernmental framework. Its mission is to enable break-through scientific and technological developments leading to new concepts and products and thereby contribute to strengthening Europe's research and innovation capacities.
It allows researchers, engineers and scholars to jointly develop their own ideas and take new initiatives across all fields of science and technology, while promoting multi- and interdisciplinary approaches. COST aims at fostering a better integration of less research intensive countries to the knowledge hubs of the European Research Area. The COST Association, an International not-for-profit Association under Belgian Law, integrates all management, governing and administrative functions necessary for the operation of the framework. The COST Association has currently 36
Member Countries.

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MC & Joint WG Meetings:

Autumn 2016: Guides to Good Practice in Documentation of Cultural Heritage Assets.

Final Conference in Mainz (DE) – 10-11 October 2016.



Spring 2016: Evaluation of Questions Arising from COSCH Case Studies and WG Tasks.

Joint WG Meeting and Early Career Investigators' Think Tank in Valletta (MT) – 18-20 April 2016:



Autumn 2015: Imaging techniques: the needs of end-users.

Joint WG meeting and Early Career Investigators' Think Tank in Neuchâtel (CH) – 12-14 October 2015.



Spring 2015: Impact of processing chains on data quality, usability and information content.

MC & Joint WG meeting and Early Career Investigators' Think Tank in St. Etienne (FR) – 26-28 March 2015.



Autumn 2014: Bridging the gap between technology and application: COSCH reports.

Joint WG meeting and Early Career Investigators' Think Tank in Belgrade (RS) – 15-17 September 2014.



Spring 2014: Structuring Knowledge related to Cultural Heritage Documentation.

MC & Joint WG meeting and Early Career Investigators' Think Tank in Joensuu (FI) – 31 March-2 April 2014.



Autumn 2013: Data acquisition & calibration.

MC & Joint WG meeting and Early Career Investigators' Think Tank in London (UK) – 23-25 September 2013.



Spring 2013:

Joint WG meeting in Mainz (DE) – 27 March 2013.


Members Members

Frank Boochs
Selma Rizvic
Aida Sadzak
Frantisek Peterka
Ole Gron
Markku Hauta-Kasari
Alamin Mansouri
Alain Trémeau
Hartmut Jahn
Despoina Tsiafaki
Orla Murphy
Raimondo Schettini
Marcello Picollo
Claire Baluci
Hermann Bonnici
Jon Hardeberg
Elizabeth Peacock
Robert Sitnik
Eryk Bunsch
Margarida Pires
Sérgio Nascimento
Gheorghe Niculescu
Bogdan Constantinescu
Zoran Dragoslav Ognjanovic
Natasa Sladoje Matic
Mathej Ruttkay
Miroslav Hain
Boris Sluban
Meritxell Vilaseca
Nuria Rodriguez-Ortega
Marie Woerle
Christian Degrigny
Anna Bentkowska-Kafel
Kirk Martinez
Anders Brun
Robert Shaw
Ewert Bengtsson
David Strivay
Ursula Warnke
George Pavlidis
Zoltan Kato
Vera Moitinho de Almeida
Manfred Schreiner