WG 1: Spectral object documentation

Leader: Dr. Marcello Picollo (IT), vice-leader: Sérgio Nascimento (PT)

1st WG task st1.1 Identification, characterization and testing of spectral imaging techniques in the visible and near IR field
Spectral imaging techniques undergo a comparable change in technology as do spatial imaging techniques.
New developments in optical techniques lead to new means of splitting light resulting in new characteristics for instruments dedicated to monitor the optical spectrum for imaged surfaces. It is therefore necessary to explore the limits and advantages of the actual instruments in this waveband.

2nd WG task st1.2 Identification, characterisation and testing of imaging techniques beyond the visible and short wave radiation
The physical and chemical composition of surfaces is an important factor determining the interaction with light and reflection behaviour. As not all of these factors have an impact in the visible spectrum, instruments exist which are able to measure beyond this radiation. It is necessary to exploit and qualify also these type of instruments because they are often essential for the analysis of the surface composition.


The activities of COSCH WG1 are mainly focussed on the identification, characterisation and testing of two dimensions (2-D) spectral imaging techniques in the visible and near infrared (IR) field (task st1.1) and on the identification, characterisation and testing of imaging techniques beyond the visible and short wave radiation (task st1.2) for the study and documentation of CH artefacts. These tasks brought together research groups with different backgrounds and diverse research applications and aims. However, most of the efforts have been dedicated to the application of spectral imaging techniques to the investigation of artworks, mainly 2-D objects such as paintings.

WG1 - Spring Meeting 2013

Find abstracts and presentations of WG 1 from Spring-Meeting below:

András Jung, René Michels, Rainer Graser:

Non-scanning Hyperspectral Imaging and Spectral Video Technique for Object Documentation (Abtsract / Presentation).

Ferdinand Deger, Sony George, Jon Y. Hardeberg:

Hyperspectral image capture and analysis of The Scream (1893) (Abstract / Presentation).

Julio M. del Hoyo-Melendez:

Real-time evaluation of the photosensitivity of cultural heritage (CH) objects using fiber optics reflection spectrometry (FORS) coupled with accelerated light aging (Abstract / Presentation).

Marvin E. Klein, R. Padoan, E.J. van Beek, G. de Bruin, T.A.G. Steemers:

Spectral imaging system integrating multiple measurement modes for the quantitative hyperspectral analysis of historical documents (Abstract / Presentation).

Santiago Royo, M. Vilaseca, M. Ares, J. Rodríguez:

Spatial and spectral object reconstruction at CD6 (Abstract / Presentation).


Members Members

Frank Boochs
Jaroslav Valach
Markku Hauta-Kasari
Ruven Pillay
Ferdinand Deger
Alamin Mansouri
Franck Marzani
Stefan Röhrs
Camille Simon
Andreas Sarakinos
Marcello Picollo
Jon Hardeberg
Hallvard Skjerping
Julio del Hoyo Melendez
Rui Bordalo
Sérgio Nascimento
Lidia Font
Santiago Royo
Francisco Miguel Martinez-Verdú
Edith Joseph
Bratislav P. Marinkovic
András Jung
Dirk Rieke-Zapp
Aurélie Tournié
Marvin Klein
Haida Liang
Daniel Vazquez
Sony George
Stefanie Wefers
David Strivay
Raju Shrestha
Rodica Mariana Ion
Nicole Bruhn
Eva Matouskova
Lindsay MacDonald
Michal Obarzanowski
Cristina Montagner
Francesca Piqué
Tatiana Mendes Vitorino
Giorgio Trumpy
Irina Mihaela Ciortan
João Manuel Maciel Linhares
Lazaros Grammatikopoulos
Harri Salo
Tiziana Lombardo
Christel Pesme
Zvi C. Koren
Aleksandar Mihajlovic
Hilda Deborah
Vera Moitinho de Almeida
Ana Gebejes
Aurélie Mounier
Keats Webb
Corinna Koch Dandolo
Manfred Schreiner
Wilfried Vetter
Przemyslaw Korytkowski
Agnieszka Olejnik-Krugly
Johan Linderholm