WG 4: Analysis and restoration of CH surfaces and objects

Leader: Dr. Christian Degrigny (CH), vice-leader: Eryk Bunsch (PL)

1st WG task st4.1 Identification, structuring and implementation of typical use cases
Surface analyses based on various optical, physicalor chemical characteristics may serve diverse purposes. Surface characteristics are subject to the interaction with the optical radiation and the process of data capture. It is therefore important for COSH to identify crucial factors affecting these processes and to establish a reliable knowledge base.

2nd WG task s4.2 Development of guidelines
Similarly, it is important to identify and define the impact of the instrumentation on the quality of results. Critical steps in the analytical process should be identified depending on the purpose of the undertaken analysis.


Joint WG and MC Meeting in St. Etienne in March

Our WG4 meeting was the occasion to update the members on the development of WG4 subtasks. Furthermore, we could show through GERMOLLES case study coordinated by WG4 leader how some imaging techniques can respond in the best possible way to the particular characteristics of the wall paintings investigated (decoration in relief combining mate and glossy areas and complex stratigraphies of paint layers). The results obtained should eventually enable us to propose an examination protocol that would serve as a guideline for those who are willing to document in a similar way wall paintings or similar cultural heritage artefacts.

Case study kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of GERMOLLES case study was co-organised by WG4 and WG1 at Château de Germolles in January. This meeting was the occasion to report the progress of the work carried out up to that time, funded partly by the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs in Burgundy and two COSCH STSMs (2013 & 2014).

Partners involved in GERMOLLES case study. From left to right: M. Picollo (IFAC-CNR - I) – WG1 Leader, C. Degrigny (HE-Arc CR - CH and Sarl Germolles - FR) WG4 Leader, F. Piqué (SUPSI - CH), J-M. Vallet (CICRP - FR), S. Röhrs (SPK - DE), C. Ullmann (DRAC Burgundy - FR), J. Sanyova (IRPA - BE), D. Martos-Levif (LRMH - FR), A. Mansouri (Le2i - FR), V. Detalle (LRMH - FR), A. Mounier (IRAMAT-CRPAA - FR) and L. Blondaux (atelier L. Blondaux - FR).

The WG4 Vice-leader attended the kick-off meeting as a collaborator of the COINS case study in Warsaw (May).


WG4 members had the occasion to meet four times:

Belgrade Joint WG and MC meeting in Belgrade in September 2014

WG4 gave a presentation reviewing WG4 activities: "From typical use cases to the development of guidelines: the contribution of end-users". Additionally, WG4 members met separately to be updated on current activities.

Two case studies involving WG4 were selected by the MC: GERMOLLES case study coordinated by the WG4 Leader and COINS case study to which the WG4 Vice-Leader contributes.

Task force meeting in Berlin in July 2014

WG4 members were invited by S. Röhrs, senior researcher at Rathgen Research Laboratory inside the National Museums Berlin. Several presentations were given by local experts:

- 2D/3D - digital reproductions and the SMB, Andreas Bienert, GD I 2 - SMB (IT department of National Museums Berlin)

- Scanning for 3D Reproducttion, Samuel Jerichow (TU-Berlin) & Thomas Schelper (GF – SMB)

- Multispectral Imaging at RF, Ellen Egel, RF - SMB (Rathgen research laboratory)

The WG4 Leader updated the WG4 members attending the meeting on current tasks (sub-tasks, COSCHKR Application questionnaire (6 proposals from WG4), the development of guidelines). The WG4 leader presented to the members the different case studies selected to evaluate them as a team.

WG4 taskforce meeting in Berlin.

Joensuu MC meeting in April 2014

As usual, WG4 meeting during the Joensuu MC was the occasion to update WG4 members that did not attend the meeting in Amsterdam on the activities of WG4: subtasks and contribution to COSCHKR Appl. Possible bridges between WGs on COSCH scientific topics were discussed.

WG4 meeting within Joensuu MC meeting.

Task force meeting in Amsterdam in February 2014

WG4 members were invited by R. van Langh, director of the Rijksmuseum conservation laboratories. They discussed the following research topics of interest to the members:

  • Limits of the technology vs the nature of materials;
  • adapting the technology to the needs;
  • characterisation of digitalisation approaches;
  • data management;
  • costs of digitalisation.

as well as the COSCHKR Application, which is under development, and the way WG4 members could contribute to it.

The first feedback of WG4 members to WG4 sub-tasks were presented as well.

WG4 taskforce meeting in Amsterdam.


London MC meeting in Autumn

WG4 members refined their possible contribution to COSCH scientific topics and determined the possible outcomes of subtasks.

Mainz MC meeting in Spring

Find abstract and presentations of WG 4 from Spring Meeting below:

Roberto Padoan, M.E. Klein, M.S. Brown, G. de Bruin, T.A.G. Steemers:

Quantitative Hyperspectral Imaging for the Standardization of Documents Monitoring at the Nationaal Archief (The Netherlands) (Abstract).

Francesca Pique:

Technical photography: a low cost technique for the examination of decorated surfaces (Abstract).

Haida Liang, Andrei Lucian, Sammy Cheung, Bomin Su:

A systematic non-invasive optical investigation of wall paintings at a UNESCO word heritage site (Abstract / Presentation).

Jean-Philippe Echard, Camille Simon-Chane, Stéphane Vaiedelich:

Multi-scale and 3D imaging spectroscopies of finishes coating historical musical instruments: recent developments and trends (Abstract / Presentation).

Stefan Röhrs, Elena Gómez-Sánchez, Carole Harrivelle, Stefan Simon:

Colour and Scale: Colour Measurement on Small and Large Museum Objects (Abstract / Presentation).


WG4 members had preliminary discussions on COSCH scientific topics (acquisition, processing, analysis, standardised characterisation, definition of knowledge base related to object characterisation, visualisation and reproduction) and the way WG4 could contribute.


Members Members

Frank Boochs
Jaroslav Valach
Sergey Kucheryavskiy
Stefan Röhrs
Marcello Picollo
Elizabeth Peacock
Julio del Hoyo Melendez
Eryk Bunsch
Elena Badea
Gheorghe Niculescu
Bogdan Constantinescu
Boris Sluban
Lidia Font
Laila Pilgren
Francisco Miguel Martinez-Verdú
Beatriz Prieto
Marie Woerle
Christian Degrigny
Edith Joseph
Josep Fortuny
Fenella France
Marvin Klein
Markus Gerke
Roberto Padoan
Haida Liang
Juan Torres-Arjona
Stefanie Wefers
David Strivay
Magdelena Stoyanova
Corina Maria Nicolae
Daniel Vázquez Nion
Nikas Nikolaos
Anke Zürn
Romain Jeanneret
Irina Wasserman
Petr Dzik
Nicole Reifarth
Rodica Mariana Ion
Christine Riquier-Bouclet
Nicole Bruhn
Florent Laroche
Amandine Colson
Cristina Montagner
Eleni Kouloumpi
Francesca Piqué
Tatiana Mendes Vitorino
Carolina - Gutierrez-Neira
Daniela Korolija
Julien Guery
Tiziana Lombardo
Christel Pesme
Zvi C. Koren
Vera Moitinho de Almeida
José Santiago Pozo
Aurélie Mounier
Jana Sanyova
Jean-Marc Vallet
Laurence Blondaux
Corinna Koch Dandolo
Horváth Tamás Iringó
Ana Velosa
Nutsa Papiashvili